Remember Raffy Tulfo and his objections against Lazada and Shopee, with their reported indifference towards the trade of counterfeit products on their own platforms? Well, he’s really had enough that he’s launching his own online shopping network.

The broadcast journalist will be calling his own platform the Idol Shopping Network (ISN) and, if he does see through how he envisions it, the platform will have strict screening of merchants and their merchandise. It apparently involves an official company representative certifying that the item to be sold is authentic and of good quality before it can be put up online for sale.

ISN will also protect the sellers themselves too against fraudulent purchases. Customers must agree that they may be recorded by the courier of showing they have opened their packages and acknowledged they’ve received the correct product. This is to avoid any false, baseless complaints.

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Tulfo doesn’t seem deterred from going through with ISN, even if it starts with just a few vendors. He sees his shopping network as a significant way for farmers, small-time merchants, and shopkeepers to sell their goods.

If you’re intrigued by Tulfo’s alternative shopping network, his conference about ISN is available on YouTube. Idol Shopping Network is set to open next month.

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