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Finishing a project using Photoshop takes time. Collaborators will have to transfer and download large files just to make quick edits. That’s something Adobe is trying to address as they launch Photoshop for web browsers.

Albeit, the Adobe Photoshop web version has a limited set of features compared to its actual PC and Mac versions. However, since it’s on the cloud, collaborators can easy open PSD files whatever machine they’re using.


Like Google’s suite of apps, the main feature of Photoshop web is for collaborative work. Collaborators can easily share and make edits between them and leave comments for others to easily see.

Still under beta, collaborators will have an easier and faster way to finish a project. Users can view the work, give comments and feedback, and make basic edits, all without having to download the PSD file or the Photoshop app itself.


If you want to do a more comprehensive edit, you might still have to get the full app. The web version only has basic selection tools, simple layers, masking, and others. What’s interesting is, what Adobe included here are the most-used features of its users. Some of them includes basic retouching and adjusting.

To make this possible, the web version will use Adobe’s Cloud Documents, which was also used on the Creative Cloud on iPads.

Speaking of which, Adobe also announced that the Photoshop for iPad can now support RAW and Apple ProWAR files. Features like Healing Brush, Sky Replacement, and Magic Wand were also added.

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